About Your Treatment

A massage treatment uses techniques to promote good health and relaxation. To tailor an individual treatment or series of treatments to your requirements, I need to find out about your health and lifestyle, so I offer all new clients a free 30-minute consultation. To find out more click here

I use a couch for Swedish and deep tissue massages and a futon or chair for shiatsu. Indian head massage can be performed seated or lying on a couch.

To protect your modesty and sense of dignity, I use discrete towel management for massages, exposing only the limb or area that I am working on. 

Shiatsu bodywork and acupressure is performed fully clothed, so please wear comfortable clothes including socks (gym or yoga gear is ideal). For seated shiatsu, the type of clothing is not so important, so work wear would be fine.

I source my massage oils from the vegan-organic supplier Naturally Thinking.

All treatments are at  Floating Point Float Centre  in Pangbourne. Please book directly with me.