After Your Treatment

Massage can have a profound effect, so it is important to look after yourself to optimise the benefit, so after a treatment:

  • Drink plenty of water to help flush out any toxins (e.g. lactic acid) released during the massage
  • Gentle exercise such as going for a walk can also help
  • Avoid stimulants such as caffeine and alcohol as your system may have more toxins to process than usual
  • Eat lightly and healthily
  • Have a hot bath to help you relax
  • Try to have an early night to help with the healing process.

In the longer term:

  • Try to do more of the things that make you feel good, and make them a regular part of your life
  • Look at ways of managing your time to reduce the stress of daily life
  • Practice relaxation techniques, such as meditation
  • Develop and maintain good posture to minimise the strain on your body and avoid injury
  • Exercise regularly to keep body and mind fit
  • Ensure that you have a healthy balanced diet
  • Allow yourself sufficient time to rest and sleep
  • If you smoke and want to quit, find the support that you need.