A lot of people who contact me have back pain, so I have included this page about Sittingwell in the hope that it may be of help. I know the founders Rachael Wall and Lorna Kennard professionally and greatly admire what they do, which is to prevent and alleviate back pain. To that end they designed their Sittingwell® cushion for use when relaxing on the sofa or elsewhere, as they had perceived the need, but could not find one available. They also sell back supports and related products made by other manufacturers on their website, but only those that they have tried and tested and would recommend. I use one of their kneeling chairs at my desk, as my previous set up was uncomfortable for my back and I didn’t want to do myself permanent damage.

The Sittingwell website is a great resource and includes an Advice Hub with articles and videos on how to set up your environment to support your back health, whether that is sleeping, relaxing at home, gardening, driving, travelling or at work. The blog posts are also a mine of information.

I endorse what Sittingwell Ltd do and have become an affiliate, so please note that I may receive compensation for referring customers.