"Dear Wendy, Thank you very much for today's session; I would like to let you know that I have been feeling very well since, and my muscles seem to have loosened and become more flexible; was very tight before the session. I feel very much better in general. Thank you again." Farouk Ali


"Wendy, thank you for the Deep tissue massage. Just what I needed." Kirsty Johnson-Cox (Physiotherapist)

“Thank you so much for the great massage! I thoroughly enjoyed it and will certainly be recommending you to others. You have just what it takes to apply the right amount of pressure and care to match your client's need. Thanks again!” Maggie Sarfo (CEO of Meres Consult Ltd)

“I would highly recommend Wendy - I had THE most amazing Indian head massage and felt absolutely great afterwards! Wendy really puts you at your ease and has created a really calm ambience in her treatment room.” Sally Annette (Head of SaaS Commercial Management at Oracle)

“Feeling so much better for my Swedish Massage this afternoon Wendy, thank you so much, I could literally feel my circulation waking up! It was so relaxing too, a welcome treat! Also thanks for the tips and advise on the various issues we discussed. Fabulous!” Lisa Kay Maria (Professional Organiser)

“After a long day of sitting at a desk, the Indian Head massage was a welcome treat and a very relaxing experience  throughout. Prior to my treatment I had been struggling a bit to get good quality sleep, but that seems to no longer be a problem and I still feel refreshed even 5 days on. Highly recommended!” Elle Tull (Graphic Designer, Hey Magpie!)

“Thanks so much for the Shiatsu massage today. I really enjoyed how different it was to other massages I have experienced. I felt the pressure points release parts of my body and enjoyed having the stretching performed. As a therapist myself it is always good to try new things and have them explained to you. I also like the fact that you showed me some light exercises to do which should help my shoulder.” Elise Morgan (EM Massage Therapy)


"I had the most relaxing Indian head massage last night. I am going to try out Wendy's other treatments now. I find it very hard to relax but Wendy managed to really de-stress me. Highly recommended!" Rachel Tombs (LinkedIn Coach & Social Selling Expert)

"Amazing Experience! Felt relaxed and very calm throughout treatment [Indian head massage]. Wendy has an excellent technique and a calm, relaxed manner." Becky Crisp (Practice Nurse)

"I enjoyed the pressure work - could feel it helped. The top of back/shoulders - very relaxing. I felt completely relaxed and not focused. Can't usually fully relax, but I did here. Shoulders tense, but feel loose and nice after treatment [Indian head massage]." Verity Walker (Dispenser)

"I had my first Shiatsu massage today with Wendy and it was wonderful. After Wendy explained the process of Shiatsu, I laid on the futon to soothing music and she went to work! Wendy was able to identify tensions and stresses in my muscles and through her gentle stretching of all muscle groups the tension and tightness melted away. Afterwards and for the rest of the day my mind felt calm and my body relaxed and rejuvenated. Many thanks Wendy, look forward to the next one!" Mike Nash (Managing Director and Co-founder, Front Page Advantage)

“I've just had my first Shiatsu massage and I loved it. I was greeted with a friendly welcome and a warm smile, which immediately put me at ease. During the session I felt calm and relaxed, yet strangely rejuvenated with a heightened sense of body awareness. It's now hours afterwards and I still feel renewed, revitalised and stretched like I've had a good workout! I think Wendy is a wonderful practitioner. A truly lovely experience and I'm going back for more!”Karen Pounds (Tai Chi and Qigong Teacher)

“This is my second massage [shiatsu bodywork & acupressure] with Wendy and a great experience – so relaxing and feel so energised. A very different type of massage and one I really enjoy – looking forward to lots more.” Debbie Atkins (Personal Trainer and Nordic Walking Instructor, DA Fitness)


"Very relaxing and soothing. My arms, which were stiff to start with, were very relaxed after the shoulder massage. I felt very well and comfortable afterwards." Lynne Trotman (Receptionist)

"I thoroughly enjoyed the massage. The technique was excellent and the massage pressure was perfect throughout. I would certainly want to be massaged by Wendy again and would recommend her to others. " Nick Hardiman (Animal Welfare Assistant)

"I have had many massages over the years and this one of the best I have had. Wendy has the surroundings and background music right. She gave the right pressure and I dozed off. I have a very tight shoulder and this was eased. Overall excellent. Thank you." Sue Downs (Receptionist)

"Very nice neck massage. Pressure OK. I feel relaxed, reborn!" Volodimir Gryshko (Dispenser)

"Nice level of pressure. Wendy took great care and asked for feedback as she went along. Very relaxing and enjoyable, felt health giving." Hazel McLeod (Medical Secretary)

"It was a more physical feeling shiatsu session - this was good - it felt like my whole body loosened up and was manipulated well. I felt like I had actually done some exercise, I could almost feel the endorphins! Thank you again." John Wilkes (Manager)

"I had a Shiatsu massage with Wendy when I was feeling very tired and rundown. Wendy was professional, calming and tailored the treatment to what I needed at that time. I was left feeling balanced, rejuvenated, and gently energised. I would thoroughly recommend her treatments." Emma Lovell (Yoga Instructor)