Qigong Testimonials

"I’m 75 years old and have suffered from something called polymyalgia rheumatica (PMR) which is a condition that causes pain, stiffness and inflammation in the muscles around the shoulders, neck and hips. As well as this I have mild arthritis in my knees and hips.

A friend of mine who listened to me complaining suggested trying Qigong. He has been practising this discipline, along with Tai Chi, for some years and swore that it would help me.

He sent me some great YouTube videos that each last about 15 minutes and I’ve been following these every morning for the last 18 months. My aches and pains have definitely been less intense and I find that it puts me in the right mood for the day, mentally as well as physically.

My friend encouraged me to look for a local teacher as he said a weekly lesson would be even more beneficial, so from an internet search I found Rooke Holistic.

Wendy’s Qigong sessions are a great way to end the week and set me up for the weekend. An hour of Qigong is surprisingly physical even though the movements we practise are gentle. There is an element of meditation in the session and at the end, as well as feeling tired, I also feel very relaxed."

"I joined Wendy's qigong classes in February 2020 just before the first lockdown and very gladly resumed the classes as soon as they were able to be held outdoors. I've found them enormously useful during a stressful year, helping me to focus on quietness and different parts of my body. However I feel before the class, I always feel calmer and more relaxed and positive afterwards and also, although the exercises are so gentle, my body definitely benefits physically from the sessions.”

"I recommend you try Qi gong, you have everything to gain! After a few classes I felt the benefit - you are exercising your body using muscles and parts of the body you have never used before, your balance starts to improve and you feel a calmness in your mind. This was particularly beneficial during the lockdowns when all our worlds were turned upside down. The small groups are lovely. We have a laugh, chats and generally try to help each other. Wendy is an excellent teacher and her enthusiasm for her subject shines. She is an excellent ambassador who tries to show us that calmness is so important and you don't have to 'feel the pain' to reap the benefits.”

“I have really benefitted from Wendy’s qigong classes, the movements are deceptively gentle, but very effective and relaxing. The small outdoor classes have been such a pleasure and reassurance during the last year. We must have been an unusual sight in early spring in our woolly hats & gloves. Perfect. Wendy is an excellent teacher and an inspiration.”