Treatment Testimonials


“Through reflexology and massage, Wendy has provided a safe and positive space for me to improve my wellbeing and health through a balance of creating calm and providing energy.”

“I am a long standing client of Wendy and have regular treatments partly to help with aches and pains and partly for relaxation and I always feel much better physically and mentally after treatment. Wendy always discusses any issues that I have been having before starting the treatment and asks what am I hoping to get out of it as well as choice of oils and checking temperature of environment is good for me and hence tailoring it to my needs of that day in a flexible and very professional manner using a range of techniques. I would and have recommended Wendy to others due to the excellent range of techniques that she uses, her very professional approach and the fact I can truly say that regular treatment has improved my physical and mental health.”

“I highly recommend Wendy as she adopts a holistic approach in her treatments. She is kind, flexible, professional and really wants the best for her client. The fact that she comes to my home has been a huge benefit especially through the early postpartum period and caring for a small baby.

I have hugely benefitted from her massage treatments feeling more relaxed afterwards. I have mainly had back and neck pain from holding baby and breastfeeding and have found her treatment helpful in easing the discomfort. Wendy tailors the massage appropriately to my needs and is attentive to feedback.

Wendy kindly adapts the environment incase I need to feed the little one during the massage and works around my situation and needs. For example doing the massage on the floor bed if I am feeding my baby or on the couch if I am free.

Wendy is punctual and comes prepared with all the necessary equipment setting up ahead of time.

Wendy shows a keen interest in helping one beyond the treatment on the day, for example with advice, book recommendations or via her insightful newsletter.”

“I initially came for a relaxing massage as I struggle with stress and anxiety but Wendy is much more than a masseuse. She assesses your health and wellbeing and adjusts the treatments to fit whatever works best for you. She also recommends daily little tips to improve your health and wellbeing in general. Wendy truly cares about her patients and really sets a peaceful and calm environment before starting the treatments and really respects your privacy. After the massages, I feel truly relaxed and ready for the day ahead and always look forward to the next one!”


"Thank YOU Wendy. You are a great masseur; super present and very professional. I really loved it, and didn’t want it to end."


"I have persistent lower back, shoulder and neck issues, probably caused by a serious motorbike accident 40 years ago. Over the years I have engaged various chiropractors, sports massage specialists, and even tried acupuncture. None gave lasting relief. Wendy is permanently in my diary and has been for the last 2 years. She has a talent for finding and working the root of my problems, a good level of relief being immediate and reasonably long lasting. During Covid lockdown and loss of her services, high levels of discomfort returned confirming the true value of regular appointments. Most highly recommended."

"Wendy is a gem. Gentle, caring, and sensitive to needs, she provides the most amazing reflexology. I have a treatment every 2-3 weeks and have extended it to 90-minute sessions. It gives me the opportunity to take time out from my insane schedules, relax, enjoy it, and get the very best out of it. Leaves me feeling spoilt and does me a world of good. Highly recommend Wendy for some well-deserved treatments."


"Wendy has a gentle & caring way about her. I had a pregnancy massage session which allowed me to pause, rest & understand where my areas of tension were. I was feeling so relieved especially as I've been feeling so congested lately. It was the first time I felt I could breathe easily in weeks. :-) Thank you very much Wendy!"

“Second visit to Wendy and feeling so much better following an upper body deep tissue massage. A niggle arose in my shoulder after a 4k swim and Wendy put me right, made me feel 'as new' and prepared for the next swim. So appreciated Wendy, thank you.” 


“A fantastic way to relax and unwind, the reflexology treatment I received with Wendy was one of the most relaxing treatments, also very interesting to learn which different organs in the body are treated by a reflexology treatment. I would highly recommend Rooke Holistic Therapies.” 

“As a keen sportswoman and soft tissue & movement therapist myself I know just how important it is to look after ourselves (and it possibly makes me a little picky in who I choose to be treated by). I booked in with Wendy for a relaxing massage - just what I needed at that time. Wendy was super responsive to my needs leaving me to zone out or chat when appropriate, ensuring I was comfortable throughout and modifying the treatment when needed. From arrival to leaving I felt well cared for and would highly recommend a visit.” 

"Wendy is a very talented therapist and I thoroughly enjoyed my massage with her. It was a very relaxing experience and I would not hesitate to recommend Wendy to anyone. Thank you Wendy." 

"Wendy is an excellent reflexologist and I would recommend her treatments to anyone who wants to improve their well-being or simply relax and feel nurtured." 


"This was my second [reflexology] session very relaxing - after my first session I had the best nights sleep in about 15 years - since I had my son I tend to wake once or twice a night." 


"Wendy has a very professional, lovely touch. As always a thoroughly enjoyable experience." 


"I had the first deep tissue massage of my life with Wendy. Wow. I realised half way through that it was the first time in a long time that I was doing something that was completely for me. I felt so good afterwards that I went for a manicure as well! Thank you Wendy." 

"The [reflexology] treatment is very relaxing and the whole experience is very relaxing with the music. It is good to focus on the feet if the mind is wandering and to keep bringing your attention back to the feet as my mind does wander off. Wendy seems very skilled in what she does and I would recommend her." 

"Amazing [reflexology] treatment. Makes you feel relaxed, calm and away from reality." 

"Dear Wendy, Thank you very much for today's session; I would like to let you know that I have been feeling very well since, and my muscles seem to have loosened and become more flexible; was very tight before the session. I feel very much better in general. Thank you again." 


"Wendy, thank you for the Deep tissue massage. Just what I needed."

“Thank you so much for the great massage! I thoroughly enjoyed it and will certainly be recommending you to others. You have just what it takes to apply the right amount of pressure and care to match your client's need. Thanks again!”

“I would highly recommend Wendy - I had THE most amazing Indian head massage and felt absolutely great afterwards! Wendy really puts you at your ease and has created a really calm ambience in her treatment room.” 

“Feeling so much better for my Swedish Massage this afternoon Wendy, thank you so much, I could literally feel my circulation waking up! It was so relaxing too, a welcome treat! Also thanks for the tips and advise on the various issues we discussed. Fabulous!” 

“After a long day of sitting at a desk, the Indian Head massage was a welcome treat and a very relaxing experience  throughout. Prior to my treatment I had been struggling a bit to get good quality sleep, but that seems to no longer be a problem and I still feel refreshed even 5 days on. Highly recommended!” 


"I had the most relaxing Indian head massage last night. I am going to try out Wendy's other treatments now. I find it very hard to relax but Wendy managed to really de-stress me. Highly recommended!" 

"Amazing Experience! Felt relaxed and very calm throughout treatment [Indian head massage]. Wendy has an excellent technique and a calm, relaxed manner." 

"I enjoyed the pressure work - could feel it helped. The top of back/shoulders - very relaxing. I felt completely relaxed and not focused. Can't usually fully relax, but I did here. Shoulders tense, but feel loose and nice after treatment [Indian head massage]." 

"I had my first massage today with Wendy and it was wonderful. Afterwards and for the rest of the day my mind felt calm and my body relaxed and rejuvenated. Many thanks Wendy, look forward to the next one!" 

“During the session I felt calm and relaxed, yet strangely rejuvenated with a heightened sense of body awareness. It's now hours afterwards and I still feel renewed, revitalised and stretched like I've had a good workout! I think Wendy is a wonderful practitioner. A truly lovely experience and I'm going back for more!”

“This is my second massage with Wendy and a great experience – so relaxing and feel so energised. A very different type of massage and one I really enjoy – looking forward to lots more.” 


"Very relaxing and soothing. My arms, which were stiff to start with, were very relaxed after the shoulder massage. I felt very well and comfortable afterwards." 

"I thoroughly enjoyed the massage. The technique was excellent and the massage pressure was perfect throughout. I would certainly want to be massaged by Wendy again and would recommend her to others. " 

"I have had many massages over the years and this one of the best I have had. Wendy has the surroundings and background music right. She gave the right pressure and I dozed off. I have a very tight shoulder and this was eased. Overall excellent. Thank you." 

"Very nice neck massage. Pressure OK. I feel relaxed, reborn!" 

"Nice level of pressure. Wendy took great care and asked for feedback as she went along. Very relaxing and enjoyable, felt health giving."