Supporting Sustainability

Since setting up my business, I have tried to make it as environmentally friendly as possible, which is a work in progress as new products and practices are developed. With all the recent media attention around Extinction Rebellion and environmental issues in general, I thought it was worth reviewing what I am doing and sharing it with you here. And of course green is the predominant colour of May!


I have been looking at how I can cut down on the amount of printing that I do and so have revised the forms that I use to halve the number of pages for the initial consultation and annual review, which is probably as client friendly as it is environmentally friendly!

In the treatment rooms that I use, I try to save energy by turning off heating, lighting and fans when I don’t need them. I usually only put the washing machine on when I have a full load, and I dry towels on the line outside instead of in the tumble drier when the weather permits. I use an ecoegg for the laundry to avoid pollution and to minimize waste. 


The massage chair that I use for onsite massage and events I obtained second-hand from a colleague who no longer had need of it. And old towels I give away to be used as dog towels or bedding.


If I can’t reduce or reuse something, I recycle it if possible, for example oil containers.


The oils that I use for treatments are all from Naturally Thinking, a British company whose “close relationship with growers allows us to ensure that the way ingredients are grown respects both the environment and workers involved.”

For reflexology treatments I use the Essence Systemology Reflexology Balm, which is an unscented blend of seven natural, organic butters and plant extracts developed by one of my massage tutors Yvonne Lockhart. The spatulas that I use to dispense it are wooden and biodegradable.

I have been using an organic Neal’s Yard spray as a foot cleanser for treatments, but I am about to try out a new product from Rawganic recommended by the Association of Reflexologists.

When I come to replace my stock of paper and fabric towels I will look into the eco-friendly and ethical options available at that time.

I am vegan, so none of the products that I use are tested on animals and none contain animal products.


I am always looking for ways to minimize the impact of my business on the environment, so do let me know if you have any suggestions. And do get in touch if you would like to know more or to book a massage or reflexology treatment.